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Video Presentations

            The following video presentations focus on aspects of the lost tribes of Israel, incorporating historical information and Scripture evidence. They are professionally produced and packaged in attractive presentation boxes with art covers. Each is approximately forty-five minutes in length. An excellent way to interest someone who is not a reader!

            A few years ago, our dear friend Pastor Karl Schott placed the beautiful advertisement (shown here) into newspapers and magazines published throughout America. It asked, “Suppose the Lost tribes of Israel are the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and Kindred People? What difference does it make to America?” The answer is that this knowledge of our Divine responsibilities would transform America and bring about a moral reawakening. We hope to see that happen by utilizing all of the tools that God has given us, including using visual aids such as video. You can have a part in that as well.

            Sometimes you may need a DVD to pop in to your television to show someone a religious presentation on our connection with ancient Israel. We have two presentations available for you that were recorded at the annual British-Israel-World Federation convention in Great Britain.

            The first is entitled, “Ephraim: The Lost City and the Forgotten People.” This is the story of the long-lost city of Ephraim, its people, its history, and its prophetic foreshadowing of the Ephraimite fruit-bearing nation of latter-day prophecies.” Our Savior spent several weeks in the city of Ephraim just prior to His crucifixion. His visit was no accident, and a dozen significant parallels exist between the ancient city and Biblical prophecies concerning the House of Israel, which was also known by the name of Ephraim. Just as the ancient city was lost to history for many centuries, so too the ancient people of the same name were lost to history as well.

            Another video is entitled, “Israel In the Land of Fire.” God prophesied that the House of Israel would go into “the fire of His wrath” for their manifold sins, according to Isaiah 9:19 and Psalm 89:46. History shows that this was fulfilled to the letter, and not just in an allegorical way. Israel was actually conquered by Assyria and exiled to a place known in Semitic as “the land of fire.” There is an amazing connection with the later Norse sagas which spoke of their having originated far away to the south in a land of fire. Here is a wonderful proof of the historical connection between lost Israel and the northern European tribes.

            The last video is entitled, “The Heritage of Eber: Ancient Hebrew Sea Migrations.”
Many Bible prophecies speak of Hebrew expansion along the sea routes: Psalm 7:19 says, “Thy way is in the sea, and they path in the great waters.” Psalm 72:8 says, “He shall have dominion from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth.” Numbers 24:7 says, “His seed shall be in many waters.” Here is the wonderful story of the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy in the sea migration and colonization of the Hebrew people in ancient times. Historical evidence is presented of ancient Hebrew sea migrations at Mediterranean ports in Greece, Italy, France, and Spain.

May God bless you as you do the work of the kingdom in bringing souls into the knowledge of God and His plan and purposes. Thank you!