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Welcome to our Migrations.info online book store! We have dozens of books available on a wide variety of subjects, but give our highest recommendation to the books listed on our Recommended Books page.

Let’s begin with long-time classics:

Dan, The Pioneer Of Israel by Col. J.C. Gawler
A classic good study by the keeper of the Crown Jewels in late nineteenth century Britain! Colonel J.C. Gawler first published this work in the 1890's and it has remained in print to this day. A wonderful short study about Dan, one of the important, and often neglected, tribes of Israel. No finer work on this subject has ever been written.

Drama Of The Lost Disciples by George F. Jowett
One of the most well-written, even captivating, accounts of the events after our Lord's crucifixion. Little-known happenings in the early church, including ties between the early church in Rome and the Royal House of Britain. This is a book that sheds much needed light on events of the New Testament period. First published in the 1960's, it will remain a classic. We recommend it highly. Softcover 241 pages.Very readable even today!

Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright by Bishop John Harden Allen
An analysis of the prophecies of the Scriptures regarding the royal family of Judah and the many nations of Israel. This classic, originally written in 1901 by a respected Anglican bishop, details the fulfillment of the distinctive and separate prophecies concerning the two houses of Israel and Judah. It tells the Biblical story of these two patriarchs and proves from the Scriptures that separate distinct prophecies have been fulfilled to each in our modern world. Allen was a well-respected bishop in the Anglican church over a century ago and this well-written book was his greatest lifetime achievement. An all-time classic British-Israel exposition which has stood the test of time. 377 pages.

Post-Captivity Names Of Israel by Dr. William Pascoe Goard
In ancient times, the Semitic neighbors of God's people did not call them by the name of "Israel." The names by which they WERE known point to their true identity and are the subject of this wonderful, classic study from the 1930's. This little-known but important history is one of the historical keys proving the Western migration of the ancient "lost" house of Israel. Dr. Goard was one of the most important British-Israel leaders of the 20th century and this work is perhaps his best of many wonderful expositions.

The Tender Twig by Francis Henking
This story is unique and moving in its significance and in its appeal. It is the touching romance of Princess Tamar Teah Tephi and Prince Eochaidh, beginning in the dim past of Biblical days, having a surprising Cinderella motif set against a gripping backdrop of history, and reaching a climax at Tara in Ireland. A wonderful historic love story linking old Canaan with the isles of the west. An enchanting story!

++++We also have modern best-selling recommended books: The four-book series by Steven M. Collins, The Laws of the Second Coming by Dr. Stephen E. Jones, and of course our own published books by historian W.H. Bennett, “The Story of Celto-Saxon Israel,” and “Symbols of Our Celto-Saxon Heritage.”

++++We highly recommend all of these books for your reading pleasure and for a firm foundation in the Bible and the British-Israel message. Click on each book title for more information about each one. Thanks for visiting us at migrations.info!