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                We are happy to present our own excellent offerings on the subject of the migrations of Israel! Our esteemed late president and author, W.H. Bennett, spent over fifty years researching the lost tribes of Israel. He was a long-time Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) and a popular lecturer on Biblical topics for many years throughout Canada, the United States, and Great Britain. He was the author of several dozen Biblical tracts, many of which are still in print, and a partial listing of those available is on the research section of our main website at http://www.Israelite.ca.
Here we offer the books that were the main fruit of his long years of research into European origins. Mr. Bennett’s two books have become classics in their field, and are filled with excellent documented information and wonderful illustrations. Together they make an excellent set, and many people agree that they are the best books on the subject of British-Israel heritage available today.

                His first book, Symbols Of Our Celto-Saxon Heritage is 210 beautiful glossy pages with full color artwork on nearly every other page. Mr. Bennett spent many years researching heraldic emblems found all across Europe in various nations, cities, counties, towns, and villages; showing how prevalent in Europe is their Israel symbolism. This is no wordy lightweight work; you will be amazed at the dozens of emblems, flags, banners, and other heraldry that overwhelmingly shows a connection with the various tribes of ancient Israel. There is also a section on America’s wonderful heraldic history and its Israelite symbolism. Heraldry is very ancient, and was used to identify peoples, nations, and tribes. This it does indeed do in a convincing array of evidence. This represents a beautiful pictorial testimony to our connection with the people of the Book.

                Mr. Bennett’s second book of 248 pages is entitled, “The Story Of Celto-Saxon Israel,” and investigates twelve early European tribes, of seemingly unknown origin, who had lost nearly all knowledge their prior heritage. They are called, “Caucasian” because they entered Europe through the Caucasus Mountains at the border of the Mid-east and Palestine. Yet there are indeed indications of their origin in their culture, language, dress, armaments, and sagas or oral history. Like a detective on the trail of an elusive ancestor, Mr. Bennett skillfully combines the evidence to prove their connection with the lost and dispersed tribes of the House of Israel. These tribes include the Hibernians, Trojans, Iberians, Danaans, Milesians, Gauls, Cymry, Saxons, Jutes, Scots, Danes, and Normans.

                The Story of Celto-Saxon Israel is available in two editions, hardcover and softcover. The hardcover edition has no paper dustcover to tear and get messy, because the full-color design is permanently and beautifully imprinted right on the cover itself.

                To learn more, visit the “Books We Publish” page on our book site at http://www.migrations.info, and  click on each of the pictures of the books for additional pages of information of each item. We are sure that you will enjoy these wonderful books that represent a life-time of research by a widely-read historical scholar. Thank you and God bless!